December 10, 2021

Original post: December 10, 2021 | Meeting Minutes | Ric Merry

We met via Zoom, 15 or more people were in attendance. The Meeting Called to order by John K7LVJ at 7:00 PM.



VICE PRESIDENT: Rob KG7HIZ. Not in attendance

TREASURER REPORT: Bob K7JNV- The November beginning balance was $7090.60, we had an income of $330.02 (mostly club dues less PayPal fees). We paid $3 in banks fee and wrote checks for $134 leaving a remaining balance of $7,283.62

SECRETARY REPORT: Ric K7ITE read the November minutes which were approved.

ARES REPORT: Mike KG7MYX announced the next ARES meeting would be in January. We are taking December off.

Repeater report: Rich N7FDM reported all is well with both repeaters.

Website: The Buy/Sell/Trade and Repeater pages were updated along with some administrative updates. Information on APRS via the digital repeater was added.

President: 2022 Officer nominations were as follows:
President- Mike Cregan N6HXT
Vice President- Greg Wilterdink KF6QEO
Secretary- Chris Davis KB7CX
Treasurer- Bob Ramborger K7JNV
All nominees accepted and were unanimously voted in.

Presentation: John Van Dalen N7AME did a presentation on Parks On The Air.

His presentation can be found here
Passcode: h?zX5q1p