DMR audio levels

Original post: February 1, 2022 | DMR, Radio Programming and Operations | Ric Merrry

With no automatic gain controls audio levels in AnyTone digital radios can be trickier than in conventional analog radios.

One voice may be so low you need to increase the volume in order to hear and the next so loud you fear it will crack your speaker.

Below is a screen shot of the AnyTone CPS(Computer or Customer Programing Software) AKA The code plug. From the left most horizontal menu this is under Optional Setting and the tab we’ll use is Volume/Audio.

These are typical settings to start with and adjust as needed.

The easiest way to test your levels is to call out (W7ABC testing 1-2-3) on the Parrott talk group from a PNW digital repeater like Lookout. When it answers you back you’ll hear a pre-recorded voice of a professional broadcaster such as “Welcome to the PNW digital system”. Then your message you transmitted repeated back to you and finally, that same voice saying “WA7DMR parrot service clear”.
Your voice levels on playback should match his, adjust as needed.

The PNW repeaters also utilize a VU meter web site you can look at.