February 11, 2022

Original post: March 9, 2022 | Meeting Minutes | Chris Davis

26 attendees

Around the room introductions. We raffled off an ARRL repeater book.

President Mike led a general discussion regarding what the club wanted to see in the future. He brought DMR and new ham training.

Mike read the minutes from January.

Treasure Bob reported a beginning balance of $7,570.63 and a month end balance of $7,795.28. He discussed the ongoing efforts on our 501C3.

It was discussed that rent for the SW Senior Center was $25 and required a $100 deposit.

Rich R said all was well with the repeaters and Alex offered to look at the club generator which needs some work as announced back in December.

New business:
Continued discussions on DMR and new ham training. Possibility of doing Fox (AKA Bunny) hunts. Rich R has a club bunny box. Mike Sterba has presented the club with directional finding training in the past.

Tom was our presenter. At 745 pm he began his talk on Directional Couplers.

Ric Merry K7ITE