June 11, 2021

Original post: June 11, 2021 | Meeting Minutes | Ric Merry

The Zoom Meeting Called to order by John K7LVJ at 7:00 PM. 28 people were in attendance.


VICE PRESIDENT: Rob KG7HIZ- Not in attendance.

TREASURER REPORT: Bob K7JNV- The beginning balance carried over from April was $7,768.73. We received $138.24 in new memberships, paid out $252.50 for annual insurance and $3.00 in banks fees for a closing May 31st balance of $7,651.47

SECRETARY REPORT: Ric K7ITE read the May minutes which were read and approved.

ARES REPORT: Mike Judy reported the next meeting is a week from today at the DEM at 6 pm.

Repeater report: Rich reported all is well.

WEBSITE: Ric K7ITE- There are several new listings of equipment both for sale and free.

We will converge at Norm’s W6NIM place in Birdsview tomorrow to help take down his crank-up tower and beam.

We discussed Field Day.