October 2020 Meeting

Original post: October 9, 2020 | DMR, Meeting Minutes | Ric Merry

Here is the link to a recording of Octobers RASC meeting. It is kind of long but if you are interested give it a look. This is our first attempt at doing a recording.


Passcode: =h2p1m*b

October 9, 2020

The Zoom Meeting Called to order by John K7LVJ at 7:00 PM. 20 participants were in attendance.


VICE PRESIDENT: Bob Ramborger K7JNV – Programs

SECRETARY REPORT: Ric Merry K7ITE – Minutes of September meeting read and approved.

TREASURER REPORT: Loren Wohlgemuth KD7ZPJ – no monies in or out last month. Ending balance remains at $6,668.13 with $1,590.17 in the Repeater Fund

ARES REPORT: Mike KG7MYX – We will critique the last 5th Saturday drill at the next ARES meeting, October 16th.
The next 5th Saturday drill will be held on October 31st.

WEBSITE: Ric K7ITE. No recent changes.

PROGRAM: The New Digital Repeater KF7CFR (Brandmeister 311194)
John Bellinger – Demonstrated programing a AnyTone radio with the new digital repeater talk groups.
Mike Judy – Discussed using the repeater for ARES.
Rob McPeak- Gave a PowerPoint presentation on the new repeater, demonstrated remote control and showed the Brandmeister interface.
Ric Merry- Discussed using locally for nets and casual conversation on Talk Group 9.
Good Q&A and discussions followed.


NEW BUSINESS: We will switch over to the digital repeater after the Monday Night RASC net.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

The next RASC meeting will be Friday November 13, 2020