September 10, 2021

Original post: September 10, 2021 | Meeting Minutes | Ric Merry

We met via Zoom once again, 22 people were in attendance. The Meeting Called to order by John K7LVJ at 7:00 PM.


VICE PRESIDENT: Rob KG7HIZ- Not in attendance.

TREASURER REPORT: Bob K7JNV- The August beginning balance was $7515.11, we sent out checks for $430.26 primarily for Filed Day expenses and a $3 service fee and received $60 in dues leaving an ending balance of $7141.85.

SECRETARY REPORT: Ric K7ITE read the August minutes which were read and approved.

ARES REPORT: Mike Judy announced there would be no September meeting.

Repeater report: Rich N7DM reported all is well.

WEBSITE: Ric K7ITE- Up to date.

President: There will be some club participation in tomorrows Bike MS rally and Sunday’s Whidbey Marathon.

Presentation: Steve N9VW from Shelton presented a program on repeaters.